USPS Direct Mail in Santa Barbara, Postal Rate Increase


(Last Updated On: February 10, 2021)

Automated mail delivery locally and nationally becomes more accurate each year due to system developments. So, while the USPS is still heavily dependent on hands at work, and mistakes still occur, they become ever rarer as time passes.

In recent years the technology assist has accelerated. USPS improvements have been legion, propelled partially by competition, but primarily by a vision of what the system can be, that is, capable of tracking every letter as well as packages, beginning to end.

All this development costs money, so when we see a rate increase it’s important to remember where we’ve come from.

Not so many years ago the idea that our hand written envelopes could be read by machines with a high degree of accuracy running at many thousands of pieces per hour seemed remote. But today this is routine.

While the current modest rate increase will have little, if any, impact on the cost of your mailings, the additional revenue will support further development of a system which serves us all every day.